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[Entries] LEGO Micro Build Tournament 2021 - Licensed Sets

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Its been 10 years since we had our first Micro Build LEGO Tournament in 2011. Its now 2021 and we're proud to re-launch the Toysnbricks LEGO Micro Build Tournament Building Contest again! However, there are now so many of these LEGO 18+, Hard to Find, Creator Expert and IDEAS themed sets nowadays. As such, we are splitting some of them up for future contests. We'll start off the first phase with the licensed sets. 

Choose from one of the following licensed LEGO 18+, Creator Expert, Modular Building Series and Hard to Find sets and rebuild it into microscale format (up to a maximum of 300 pieces). Attempt to make your mini model as accurate as possible to the actual real size version (i.e pieces used to imitate the minifigures).

All questions, comments, prizes and details regarding the contest can be found here

Submit your Entry

  • Entries can be submitted here
  • Provide the set number and set name of your model
  • You may upload up to a maximum of 5 photos (no collages please)
  • You can provide a description of your model
  • The number of piece(s) used 

You may edit your entry as many times as you like until the deadline (April 1, 2021). Please do not submit at the last minute in case there are any problems or errors. Submit a few days in advance! ( :

Contest evaluation to be determined. 

Deadline: April 1, 2021

Contest runs for 3 months and ends on April 1, 2021 at 21:00 PST (April 2, 2021 - 0:00 EST).


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Ford Mustang 10265 , built from my John Snow pieces, the overhead cam acts as steering mechamism, -slight play but I'm happy with its functionality. An orange interior and removable roof , my lack of uniform colour is disturbing! 






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