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THIS COMPETITION HAS NO PRIZES AND IS ONLY FOR FUN . THE  1ST WINNER WILL BE ADDRESSED BY MYSELF  AND THE DEADLINE FOR THE COMPETITION  1st December .  In This competition you can build a model of any aircraft ( can also be a imaginary one) and tell the time and pisces you  have used to make it . Pls enter it,s description and please don,t build any readymade set and paste it's picture. Examples are shown below . Warning! The pictures of the sets given below are made by the lego company . Happy building .

plane image 1.jpg


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This is the U.S Hornet 07. It is a double cabin Vintage Aircraft known for its Speed and Aerobatic abilities while in the air. I built this with my father. He is a Great Man and Great Inspiration in my life. He is in the front driving the plane and I am his Co-Pilot.




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