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Toysnbricks LEGO Building Contest Ideas & Suggestions

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Let us know about any LEGO contest feedback and suggestions you may have! You can talk about past or future potential contests. ( :

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Key points:

After the LEGO City Building Contest (April-June 2020), we decided to make some new rules going forward to ensure fairness and integrity of the contest process. We are also going to have another LEGO Building Contest soon so if you have any potential ideas, let us know! We're thinking of a LEGO Star Wars one.


  • 1 account entry for 1 adult over age 19 (parents can submit on behalf of their children but only the parent can use the account) 
  • 1 household and 1 entry for contests (you cannot create multiple accounts to submit multiple entries even if you have multiple people)

Multiple family members can create an account to participate in LEGO Forum Discussions, but only 1 entry per household. Choose the best entry that represents your household. 


  • No Collages
  • Can't edit entry once submitted (unless its exceptional circumstances then please contact us)

Please enter the contest in advance and not during the last few hours in case of any errors or problems you may encounter.

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