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[Entries] LEGO City Building Contest (April-June 2020)

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LEGO City Building Contest Entries Submission (April-June 2020)


Toys N Bricks loves our fans, visitors and readers. In times where countries are under lockdown and we have to stay in our homes, Toys N Bricks want to continue to provide fun LEGO building activities for you and your family. 

Build a City scene, building or monument from your country using LEGO pieces and share it with us!  ( :

All questions, comments, prizes and details regarding the contest can be found here

Submit your Entry

  • Entries can be submitted here
  • Provide the name(s) of your model(s)
  • Description of your creation
  • Estimated retail price of your creation
  • You may upload up to a maximum of 5 photos
  • The piece(s) used (it would be good if you can provide us a rough estimate just so we know how many pieces was used to create that awesome creation!)

You may edit your entry as many times as you like until the deadline (June 5, 2020).

Contest evaluation to be determined. 

Deadline: June 5, 2020

Contest runs for 2 months and ends on June 5, 2020 at 21:00 PST (June 6, 2020 - 0:00 EST).


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Our family thought that when we're allowed to go out and gather together again, it would be a celebration. A punk band are throwing an impromptu block party (The Misbricks? Brick Flag? SNOTFX? ) My 8 year old helped out by making the yellow car, the Toy sign, the bench, bike lane planters, cyclist, and more. It was great to have something constructive to do together while stuck inside. It's hard to see, but my favourite detail that I made is the gas meter in front of the toy store. It was a fun challenge to design those things I see in front of all the buildings in our downtown neighbourhood. The kids loved the angry neighbour trying to sleep from their shift work with his teddy, while I enjoyed making that window detailing.


The back of the buildings show the musician's home where the cat looks up, missing its owners. There's a a game of Dungeons & Dragons above the comic's shop that's got a lot of Marvel merch and DC comics. The toy store has Lego of course,  but we also designed out own robots, Pikachu and those Nexo Knights monsters make great Madballs.




A POV from the fans gathering to watch the show.


From this angle,  we can kind of see the guy climbing the tree has an appropriate Spider-Man toque. There's a Canada Post-style mailbox and cool window display in the comic shop. The hipster and his dog don't seem to be very happy about the noise though, and left a little present behind. There's always a party pooper.


I hope you enjoy. Our fam is looking forward to seeing the other creations!

I have no idea how many pieces we used, but it might retail for $250+ based on the costs of the other modular city sets and the number of minifigs?

Thanks for your eyes!

Skullossus and family

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  • 1 month later...
The Pint restaurant and hair salon/barber shop.
This is my creation that I made in around 4 days and uses a rough guess of 600+ pieces. I had made this creation a few years back and I decided that it would be a contest worthy build so I made it again with my collection except I spiced it up a bit. The steps leading up to the door are new as well as the upper floor hair salon/barber shop. I also decided to add the skylights to add a bit more light in the room and make it more visible. The floor in the restaurant is made up of bricks on their side to form a smooth effect (I hope that this is allowed).
From this angle you can see that there is a man looking at his hair in a mirror made with an exact replica of him except behind a window piece. The guy getting his hair cut probably is having a bad day judging by his face.
You are able to see the scene that is happening in the building from the back. You are also able to take off the roof as well as the second floor so that you can play or do what you want without braking anything. The dude sitting at the counter looks like he isn't afraid of anything.
There is a fish tank on the wall opposite the mirror wall with an actual lego fish. The guy having his hair dried doesn't look like he trusts the whole thing.
Building the water fountain was fun.
Thank you for viewing my lego creation. I guess that this creation would be around $260+ because of how many pieces. I had lots of fun building this and I hope to be able to enter into this contests next year as well.
- Lego Master



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My entire Lego collection is mostly comprised of Lego Technic which makes it difficult to build a city scenery. So I built this cityline of Toronto. On the fourth picture, all the structures are identified.





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New York Cityscape

No need to leave your house to see the United States' biggest city: New York City! Visit the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum, the Empire State Building, and more. Travel trough Manhattan with over 5 mini-cars, 11 important New York landmarks, and a ton of imagined buildings with creative uses.

Uses ~500-to-600 pieces, and would cost about $49.99.

The last photo shows each important landmark's name.





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While I was in quarantine I found this contest and I thought why not give it a shot. So I decided to build Science World that is located in Vancouver, BC. Any tourist visiting Vancouver will see Science World because it is one of the most represented buildings of Vancouver. I think it is around 800+ pieces, I would retail it for around $150 because of the many cool and unique pieces.B0A25D4C-233F-4A88-B584-25C7BD0CA4D8.thumb.jpeg.8ebc37f22c30f6290ebec6689483424b.jpeg The main part of the build is the big globe on the top of the building. It took a while to find the best way to shape the globe out of Lego bricks, but I finally figured out the best one and I think it turned out pretty well. I also liked how the water worked and almost looks like real water. One very popular thing in Vancouver is the the Sea Wall that goes all the way along the water. It also goes around Science World. Lots of people walk or ride on it.   One of the tourists  was trying to take a selfie with his selfie-stick but his phone fell into the water. There  is a biker, a  skateboarder, and a person walking their dog around the Sea wall.E0A6955C-ECCD-48DB-AC15-1E0E99F5E01A.thumb.jpeg.9d95afd2f3aff67a4f1d14f5b08e28b2.jpegOn the inside of the build there are lots of different exhibits like in the real Science World.  On the left there is an animal exhibit a scorpion ,a spider, and a crocodile. On top of those is a Marvel exhibit with the Infinity Gauntlet, Thor’s Hammer and Spider-Man’s mask. At the front there is a cool disco floor with someone dancing on it, which I have been on in Science World and is really fun. As well for a better play experience you have the ability to take off the big globe.89A1255C-FE74-4E14-8333-0FF51E09FEC8.thumb.jpeg.f85a1df85338b7c0d20cb7ca22620c15.jpegOn the other side there is a knight in black armour , a cyborg robot, some random gadgets , a space rocket and a dinosaur egg. 09782B24-447E-4B3D-8B67-2124BB9D7796.thumb.jpeg.90597f9c40fb089244dafc5d33a2776a.jpegI had lots of fun building this creation and hope you like it. I’m so glad to build for this contest.

Thanks 😁

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My creation is called “Cabin in the swamp”. I think it’s around 110 pieces. The build is in an area somewhere in An American swamp. EC89BBEE-BDA8-4E13-95C5-E3B8F35689FA.thumb.jpeg.5fec9f3766cb7a49f89ddfcfdad94bcc.jpegThere is a boardwalk with a person walking on it. As well there is a speedboat with someone about to go for a ride. On the right there is a kid swinging on a vine. Last there is a guy on a bench with some coffee and an apple. In the back is the tiny cabin. All around is a bunch of funky plants04E821F6-BF79-42A6-ADEE-074009749560.thumb.jpeg.49e09357a0ef97e9e2340257c075fe90.jpeg1157381D-8686-4016-AB5F-8A2267755647.thumb.jpeg.64e6d673f409a1406e16e4b171e54a6a.jpegThanks, LeGo BuiLdEr 



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Welcome to our eco friendly tiny house!

Nature surrounds our high tech, low footprint tiny house.  Eagles soar overhead while bunnies frolic in our organic vegetable garden.  We hear the frogs croaking in the nearby pond as our juicy apples are ripening in the summer rays. It is a joy to breathe the fresh air while working the land, accompanied by our trusty bulldog Max. We are completely off grid enjoying the energy the sun gives us through our solar panels. Taking the time to enjoy life’s beautiful moments!

470919D6-1346-4D0E-8044-B240654D8250.thumb.jpeg.94c20a28f64b6f995d4317b9362ee3ab.jpegDo you hear the honeybees?

Stunning architectural precision, designed from the heart.

Chopping wood for our campfire while sipping on black coffee allows one to think about what is important in life.

We used about 420 pieces.  
I would estimate this set to retail for $69

Thank you for checking out our MOC!

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Town Square Corner Soda Fountain & Drug Store

In spired by fulfilling a social need and preparation for rumors of a pandemic that is about to sweep the world...

The first photo displays the corner Soda - Drug Store.  The clock tower stands out prominently in the town square, the building has ample outdoor lighting and many windows allowing an abundance of on natural sunlight in the two floors within this historic town center building.  Notice the bright array of flowers on the window ledges, beautiful flowering trees and corner benches for towns people to drink their soda or coffee while enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

The second photo shows the south side of the building where an second door leads upstairs to the pharmacy and allows access to the Soda Fountain where customers wait for their prescriptions to be filled.

Upstairs customers drop off and pick up an array of prescriptions at the upstairs local drug store where the Pharmacists work to fill customer’s medications.  Notice the drug store shelves are stocked full of medicines in preparation for a potential pandemic that is looming across the oceans and rumors say it may be a threat to the United States.

Downstairs is where customers are happy to wait for their prescriptions to be filled by the upstairs pharmacy at the counter over a cup of five cent coffee, or soda and deserts.  This corner location also encourages socializing with towns people and friends.

Finally, the East and North sides of the building show a clean strong foundation that each side is ready to support any neighboring building in town square.

The building has approximately 2,500 lego bricks and pieces.  If I were to estimate it at .07 cents per piece I would estimate it to be $175.00 to build.  Given the time it took to build it, a better value would be closers to $225.00 total retail.







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In a time where one should stay home, it's great to be with your family. And what's better than a LEGO home to build while being inside? It includes a roof-top garden, a bedroom and bathroom in the roof, and a living room with a TV and fan flag. It also has a kitchen with a fridge and a rotatable clock to set the time. The minifigures are a mom and dad, two children, and a hired gardener. And this house has lots of greenery.

It has about 500-600 LEGO pieces and would cost about $49.99.






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I'm having trouble attaching images for my entry. Is anybody else getting a "-200" error?

University of LEGO - Faculty of Astronomy and Astrophysics

The first thing that inspired this build was looking at the architecture of Universities and College campuses. Taking my local University of Toronto as a rough guide, I love how many of these buildings blend the modern with the classical. Often, you'll see 100+ year old buildings updated with modern renovations and furnishings. I wanted to imagine what a classical Victorian building would look like with modern technology and design integrated into it's structure.

The space theme came from one of my favourite official sets this year: the Space Research and Development People Pack 60230. I loved all the mini-builds that came within the set and I knew that I eventually wanted to build a complete lab to integrate all those wonderful builds into. My idea evolved beyond that, but you'll find the botanist minifigure and a variation of one those mini-builds on the second floor of the building.

Finally, the quarantine-era has given me lots of time to reflect and notice the little things I see on on my daily walks with the dog, looking at the shapes of the hydrometers outside of homes, signs and construction on the street, and counting all the little details I could notice. I tried to pack as many of them in here as I could.

The building is built on an unusual 32x24 base, has three removable detachable levels and roof as you might find on a modular building, and includes 11 minifigures and a dog. The first level is a lobby that features most of the original architecture of the building and a stone crest of the University, while the second floor has been renovated into a space research department. The upper deck is accessible via the rear balcony and features satellite consoles and access to a control tower for the powerful telescope resting on top of the building.

Pieces: ~1500
Estimated price: - $150






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24 minutes ago, Amartya Sanyal said:

I want to post my son's Lego creation.

Please advise how. The entry page is showing an error code.

Today is the last date of submission but I'm denied entry

Hey Amartya,

I was having the same issue but I noticed that I could attach images while editing my initial post. That being said, it seems I'm no longer able to edit my original post so I'm a big confused as well.

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Namaste🙏 - Welcome to the Fun Zone

The Lockdown spirits were pepped up instantly when I chanced upon this interesting Lego Contest. I have created an outdoor fun zone, what we are desperately waiting to get back to. The golden dragon mount welcomes you to the fun zone. There are many visitors enjoying several activities. It showcases a fascinating katana sword and nunchacku Ninja fight. You walk further towards the TGA (Thunder Gaming Arcade) and play simulation games or the signature Thunder Volt game. Can you spot the actual joysticks with the players? Venture out to the highest rotating green patch and enjoy a relaxing spa along with a magnificent view. Let loose because huskies are constantly guarding. Don't miss to say Hi to Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari racer, right next to the Dark Fountain.

Pcs used - 700 , Price - 35$






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My 12 year old son Jediah built this modern mansion beach house with lots of hidden details. He extends well-wishes to all the other entries. He built a modern mansion beach house with lots of detail inside that can't really be seen with these photos. You can check out how he made the recliner on his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8lt17yJze4&t=56s. I hope you enjoy this build - good luck to everyone else.






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Southern Californian City Street - Slice of Life

When I first saw the prompt of "Build a City scene, building or monument from your country", I wondered what I could make for this contest. I wanted to make something that seemed real, that seemed like a slice of life from the city where I live. For context, I live in Southern California, in a suburb near Los Angles. So, that's what I decided to do. I just picked a section of street, near my house, and I just set out recreating it while seeming as realistic as possible. I'm very happy with how it turned out, with it seeming just like you picked up a section of a Southern Californian street and plopped it onto the base plate. It was a lot of hard work getting all the details right but, I'm very happy with how it turned out. In the build, there is a section of a parking lot with two shops in a shopping area. One is a 7-11 and the other is a closed down shop, with the space being available for sale. Also to the side I created some telephone poles and a sign that has the names of the stores inside the shopping area. In terms of the amount of pieces I used for this, I would say that it's likely around 1000 or so. As such, in terms of the price, it would probably be around $90-$100.






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Downtown City Block

For my creation, I decided to build a downtown city block similar to what I would find in my own town. Since there are mostly small, locally owned shops and vendors, I chose to create an ice cream/smoothie parlor, a knick-knack hobby shop, and a farmers market. The ice cream parlor features a huge ice cream cone on top! It also has some yummy treats on display inside as well as some decor and cash register. The hobby shop features some more unique items like lava lamps and an unopened mystery box! The farmers market has all the fresh fruits and vegetables a Minifigure could want, including apples, bananas, cherries, carrots, lettuce, pineapple, and more! I think I used between 600-800 pieces and this would probably retail for around $70.






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Water St. Cafe and Gastown Steam Clock


The Water St. Cafe is located near the heart of Downtown Vancouver, BC near Waterfront Station and Canada Place. It is a popular tourist attraction; with the clock being found directly across the entrance. 

The ground floor is an elegant restaurant while the second floor adorns an office owned by a couple of archaeologists.


The creation consists of approximately 1200 pieces and would probably retail in the ballpark of $150 CAD.


Thanks to the ToysnBricks team for hosting the contest! 






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Throughout the world the Corner Store is the Corner Stone of many communities (pun intended). When I first read what this competition was about I tried to think of something that simple yet something that represented cities around the globe. The coroner store immediately came to mind. Every big city or small town I’ve ever been has had a corner store and felt it represents all communities. While this build was somewhat simple (as I intended it to be) I felt thst a lot of detail should be put into the creatio . I would say this build would cost around $120 took abt 500 pieces and took a few long nights to build. Thank you for the opportunity!







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