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April 2021 Security Patch Updated on Forum


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We just applied a security patch (IPS Community Suite that was released on April 22, 2021 to the forum. It fixed up some of the vulnerabilities of the forum. 


  • Fixes an XSS vulnerability when quoting posts and comments.
  • Fixes an XSS vulnerability when lightbox images are built.
  • This release also contains the patch from 4.5.4 that resolves a security issue with the Downloads REST API


  • Fixed an issue moving Icons & Logos to a new storage handler when one or more of the images is broken.
  • Fixed an issue when logging in with LinkedIn.

Toysnbricks.com (LEGO News and LEGO Sales Updates) is our main focus for now. You can get the latest LEGO news updates over there. This forum will still continue to be accessible. Thank you for your continued support in Toys N Bricks. 🙂



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