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  1. 7-Battle on Takodana by Brentlee: 2 points 18-Scarif Imperial Security Complex by BlueLegoFan: 1 point
  2. My micro scale build is the battle on Takodana from the force awakens. The past may the 4th promos have been on the original trilogy so I decided to do one on the sequels (the force awakens to be specific). It has 221 pieces.
  3. I love your speeder design but I would just advise you try not to use named characters in your battle packs but on the other hand, 70 pieces! That is impressive for how much you get in the set 🙂
  4. For my battle pack moc I have created a battle on Scarrif set for the imperials as we don't need a rebel pack for rouge one, as we got one of those and the rouge one imperial battle pack was very weak and was set on Jedah. It contains 105 pieces, includes 4 minifigs and retails for $14.99(USD). This will be an easy way to get scarrif troopers and it is realistic to what lego would give us as it includes that one odd one out figure.