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  1. My LUG has somewhat of the same problem , love seeing the extra micro builds and how much detail is in such small scale ,great job otherwise and I'm always snooping about here
  2. Well done ,nice to see miniature versions of sets that might be too expensive otherwise
  3. Well done ,nice to see miniature versions of sets that might be too expensive otherwise
  4. Love it more like ,this green is striking and more so in this compact model, I always feel sorry for the minifigs that donate body parts for the greater good
  5. Phuonom this might be most peoples way of getting this set so be open to requests for instructions
  6. Ford Mustang 10265 , built from my John Snow pieces, the overhead cam acts as steering mechamism, -slight play but I'm happy with its functionality. An orange interior and removable roof , my lack of uniform colour is disturbing!
  7. Great review ,wish I could get these seasonal sets , make a great Christmas display
  8. Well done , nice to get reviews before buying to regret. Lesson in how to write a review too.
  9. A photo from a few months back ,a landing that has a retracted landing gear area ,so take-off to lift&off, - limited pieces so isolated photo area
  10. Making exclusives is great if you can nab one and this is a real gem for its size , 4\10 price won't put buyers off as the minifigs make it worthwhile, I guess it's a must for Marvel fans. Nice review and views.
  11. I've never liked the brickheadz but SW and HP series stand out for me ....still not getting them though! Great way to get a Yoda
  12. Nice big display and lots of features .an unmistakable iconic car . Honest review and captures all the functions fully
  13. I'll be expecting a call from Boeing or Airbus, made from my John snow pile
  14. So you only need decals and any city vehicle -Ice cream van or fast-food van that came out recently. To personalise -colour and livery vehicles would be expensive especially one offs. Corgi do it for haulage and that's mass produced but 80£ or 120euro .nice idea but a bottle of Jameson could go a step in the right direction
  15. Harsh 6\10 for playability ,a few boxes and you've got an army.love your base plate building area and great review
  16. They remind of mixels, nice review. I feel it's a poor mans version of the actual mindstorms
  17. Jang has some wacky and great custom vehicles in his city