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  1. Well done ,nice to see miniature versions of sets that might be too expensive otherwise
  2. Well done ,nice to see miniature versions of sets that might be too expensive otherwise
  3. Love it more like ,this green is striking and more so in this compact model, I always feel sorry for the minifigs that donate body parts for the greater good
  4. Phuonom this might be most peoples way of getting this set so be open to requests for instructions
  5. Very tidy ,I wish I hadn't gone big, living the liftoff feature
  6. Ford Mustang 10265 , built from my John Snow pieces, the overhead cam acts as steering mechamism, -slight play but I'm happy with its functionality. An orange interior and removable roof , my lack of uniform colour is disturbing!
  7. Great review ,wish I could get these seasonal sets , make a great Christmas display
  8. Well done , nice to get reviews before buying to regret. Lesson in how to write a review too.
  9. A photo from a few months back ,a landing that has a retracted landing gear area ,so take-off to lift&off, - limited pieces so isolated photo area
  10. Making exclusives is great if you can nab one and this is a real gem for its size , 4\10 price won't put buyers off as the minifigs make it worthwhile, I guess it's a must for Marvel fans. Nice review and views.
  11. I've never liked the brickheadz but SW and HP series stand out for me ....still not getting them though! Great way to get a Yoda