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  1. It is a model built using parts from a couple Hero Factory sets. It is mainly composed of pieces from the Invasion from Below sub theme Jaw Beast (set number 44016). It was released in 2014, so your best bet to find one is on Bricklink or eBay.
  2. "Let's-a-go!" Jump into action as Super Mario on the classic NES entertainment system! Hello everyone! This model is my micro rendition of the Lego set 71374 Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System. It is made of 242 pieces, with the television set ringing up at 151 pieces, and the game system, controller, and game cartridge ringing up at 91 pieces. The piece count could be as low as around 220 pieces if I had had the correct bricks. I tried to make my models as accurate to the original set as possible. Some details I included are the label and ports on the back of the television, the game in progress on the screen, the game cartridge's printing, buttons on the game controller, and an opening NES console. I hope everyone likes my entry!
  3. 11-Battle of Crait by Dawson Kosmicki: 2 points 6- Millenium Falcon Escape by Carculio: 1 point Good luck everyone!
  4. A last ditch effort against a superior force. Just another day in the life of the Resistance. Hi! I am Dawson Kosmicki and this is my entry for the Star Wars Micro Build Scene Contest! This scene depicts the Battle of Crait just as the ski speeders have emerged to try and stop the First Order's advance. This "set" consists of a total of 246 pieces. However, that number could be reduced to 233 pieces if I had the correct ones. The model's base is the exact same size as the original Lego micro scene sets at 12 studs wide and a total of 18 regular bricks long. The scene contains two First Order heavy assault walkers, two AT-ATs, the First Order superlaser siege cannon and its all-terrain heavy haulers. It also includes three ski speeders, two of the Crait base's outposts straddling the trench, and the base's armored door nestled into the cliff face. The model also had a plate for the Lego Star Wars logo. The interior of the base shows the rocky walls, the command center, and a crate for storage of weapons. I hope everyone enjoys my entry!
  5. Rhett and I have decided to use the "Outer Rim Rebel Battle Pack" as our entry for this competition. I'm sorry that I missed that rule when I saw the contest. Thank you for your time.
  6. A lone speeder zooms across the beach of a still lake to join Master Yoda in the fight against the Separatists' forces! Hi! Dawson Kosmicki again, and this is my second Star Wars Battle Pack entry. This one is called "Battle of Kashyyyk Battle Pack." It features three 41st Elite Corps clone troopers, a speeder trooper in swamp disguise and two regular troopers in swamp disguise, and the famed Jedi Master Yoda. It consists of a custom speeder with a blaster holder, and a patch of vegetation characterized by a dismembered droideka head. It was built using seventy pieces, including the minifigure piece count. I hope everyone likes this entry!
  7. Two of my photos won't upload for the "Jabba's Entourage" entry. One of them shows that the 2 by 2 tan plate that the bottle is attached to is removable, revealing a small, handheld blaster in a container that is composed of a 1 by 2 tan side panel and a 1 by 2 tan cheese slope. The second picture depicts the back of the model, with some tiles and cheese slopes that look like sand. This picture also shows that the large panel on the back wall has an Egyptian writing picture on the reverse. Sorry I can't get the pics uploaded.
  8. In an excluded corner, four scumbags wait for the next gruesome task that Jabba sets before them. However, take heart! One of these lowlifes just might be a friend in disguise. Hi! I am Dawson Kosmicki and this is my first entry for the Star Wars Battle Pack Contest! I certainly hope that I am in the right place, this is my first time of using the ToysnBricks forum. I call this entry "Jabba's Entourage Battle Pack." The minifigures consist of a Gamorrean guard with an axe and a turkey leg, a Jawa with an ion blaster, a Weequay skiff guard, and Lando Calrissian in his skiff disguise. The scene is supposed to be a generic alcove somewhere in Jabba's palace. It consists of a table with a bottle and a glass, a panel of red and green buttons on one wall, and an extra eye for the droid door guard in case the one it is using goes bad. Also, there is some strange artwork on the back. It might be an ancient b'omarr monk inscription, or maybe just some bounty hunter's graffiti (actually, it was the only piece I had that would work for the back wall :)). This "set" consists of 114 pieces, including all of the minfigures' parts. I hope everyone likes my entry!