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  1. 71044 Disney Train and Station All the magic of Disney’s in a pint-sized package! Coming in at 300 pieces, this micro-build features the four cars of the original model, as well as a micro-scale station. My personal favourite of the lot is the blue and white canopy car, which features the passenger seats of the original build. Also, discovering the droid arm connection of the red engine wheels was a highlight of putting this one together. While trying to capture all the details and angles of the original train station in micro-scale, I had to look at all my 1x1 and 1x2 parts from a perspecti
  2. 14. Southern Californian City Street - Slice of Life by ProbablyDylan - 3 points
  3. 14. Southern Californian City Street - Slice of Life by ProbablyDylan: 1 point11. University of LEGO - Faculty of Astronomy and Astrophysics by brickmonkey: 2 points Good luck everyone!
  4. Hey Amartya, I was having the same issue but I noticed that I could attach images while editing my initial post. That being said, it seems I'm no longer able to edit my original post so I'm a big confused as well.
  5. I'm having trouble attaching images for my entry. Is anybody else getting a "-200" error? University of LEGO - Faculty of Astronomy and Astrophysics The first thing that inspired this build was looking at the architecture of Universities and College campuses. Taking my local University of Toronto as a rough guide, I love how many of these buildings blend the modern with the classical. Often, you'll see 100+ year old buildings updated with modern renovations and furnishings. I wanted to imagine what a classical Victorian building would look like with modern technology and design integ