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  1. BLOCK PARTY Our family thought that when we're allowed to go out and gather together again, it would be a celebration. A punk band are throwing an impromptu block party (The Misbricks? Brick Flag? SNOTFX? ) My 8 year old helped out by making the yellow car, the Toy sign, the bench, bike lane planters, cyclist, and more. It was great to have something constructive to do together while stuck inside. It's hard to see, but my favourite detail that I made is the gas meter in front of the toy store. It was a fun challenge to design those things I see in front of all the buildings in our downtown neighbourhood. The kids loved the angry neighbour trying to sleep from their shift work with his teddy, while I enjoyed making that window detailing. The back of the buildings show the musician's home where the cat looks up, missing its owners. There's a a game of Dungeons & Dragons above the comic's shop that's got a lot of Marvel merch and DC comics. The toy store has Lego of course, but we also designed out own robots, Pikachu and those Nexo Knights monsters make great Madballs. A POV from the fans gathering to watch the show. From this angle, we can kind of see the guy climbing the tree has an appropriate Spider-Man toque. There's a Canada Post-style mailbox and cool window display in the comic shop. The hipster and his dog don't seem to be very happy about the noise though, and left a little present behind. There's always a party pooper. I hope you enjoy. Our fam is looking forward to seeing the other creations! I have no idea how many pieces we used, but it might retail for $250+ based on the costs of the other modular city sets and the number of minifigs? Thanks for your eyes! Skullossus and family
  2. Is there a limit to the number of photographs you may use to showcase your build?
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