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  1. I have a quick question: where will winners be announced? Will it be via email, a post here, or on the submissions channel? Thanks!
  2. *EDITED:* Figured out how to edit my post a second time, but couldn't delete this post.
  3. Ecto-1 (Set 10274) When there is something strange in the neighborhood, who yah going to call? A micro replica of set 10274, this Ecto-1 is a perfect display piece for fans of the Ghostbuster franchise, and is travel sized for your convenience! While the scaling was not exact, I estimate the build is roughly quarter scale (and half scaled compared to minifig-sized versions of the car). And with a part count of 181 parts, you won't need to dish out hundreds of dollars to have your own! I also supplied a Stud.io file as well, so if you are interested in building your own, you