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  1. After 4 months, I'm happy to say this project has now passed half way with more than 5000 people supporting it. Less than 5000 to go 🙂 Thanks everyone and please feel free to help it out - details in original post
  2. Hi Everyone. My Boeing 747 Cockpit on LEGO Ideas has now completed a quarter of its journey! Thank you so much to the 2,500 supporters who boarded for this journey so far. It's been fantastic! 😀 There are plenty of seats available - please help this LEGO Idea reach its destination (it's easy, free and takes just a minute). bit.ly/747Cockpit
  3. Hi everyone This is my creation of the Boeing 747 Cockpit. 47% Technic pieces, yes a few stickers (would love those printed tiles!) and around 1874 pieces. I've also submitted it to LEGO Ideas so please feel free to support it. Hope you like it and thanks.