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  1. The two sets are now available on Lego Shop at Home. They should pair nicely with (10280) Flower Bouquet. Roses: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/roses-40460 Tulips: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/tulips-40461
  2. A new item was added to the VIP points rewards section: Lego VIP Metal Keychain for 950 Points.
  3. Thank you!! Such a great community here. I hope everyone was able to get some good black friday deals. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!!
  4. Introduction Hello! Today I am going to review the special edition Black Widow set (77905) Taskmaster's Ambush. This set contains 230 pieces which yields: three minifigures, one vehicle, and one display stand. All three minifigures are unique to this set! Originally intended for Comic Con 2020 this set had a limited release in the US during October 2020 on Amazon US and Lego S@H US. The set retailed for $39.99 and is rated for kids 7 +. Unfortunately it is sold out on both Amazon and Lego.com, but keep an eye on S@H because it may come back in stock again. Product description from Lego Box Front / Back Pictured is the front of the box which has a nice comic style graphics. The back of the box displays the set fully assembled. I really like this style of box and wish it was used more often. Contents and the build The set comes in two large bags, with smaller bags in each large bag. One sticker sheet is also included. The instruction manual is a nice size and doesn’t have the problem of the pages flipping back mid-build. First you build the display stand. Finally you construct the vehicle. Extra Pieces In my opinion there are some very useful pieces in this bunch. Spare translucent and printed graphic pieces are always welcome in my collection. Final Build The minifigures in this set are great. I really like the white suit Natasha figure which features a dual printed face. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the other side). The details of Taskmaster's silver teeth get lost on his silver head which is a little disappointing. The Red Guardian figure is probably my favorite though, it does a great job of catching David Harbor’s likeness. The vehicle is fun to build and one of the best parts of the set. It has insane playability due to the way the wheels / frame are configured. The front wheels can move side to side, and the back set of wheels moves up and down. It’s kind of hard to explain but it's almost like a faux-hydraulics system. It could also work really well as a space rover. The locked truck in the back of the vehicle contains some fun play pieces. The chest features a combo lock on top with two pink canisters, a cell phone, and a briefcase inside. The final part I wanted to review is the stand. A lot of work was put into the design and functionality of the stand. It has great detail for the ground texture and the different terrain levels help put the vehicle tires in interesting positions. Set Ratings Design / Build: 8/10 Minifigures: 10/10 Playability: 9/10 Parts: 7/10 Price: 4/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Overall Thoughts I really like this set because it is a great display set that also has tons of playability. Displayability is very important to the sets in my collection due to the limited space for displaying, so I have to be very picky. The recently announced Hogwart’s Moments sets have me sold because they appear to be good display sets. Recently Lego has put some thought into sets being displayed more, especially considering the new Batwing model and it’s wall mounting feature. The only negative thing about Taskmaster's Ambush (other than the price) is that it was an event exclusive. It would be a perfect set for a Marvel Mighty Micros type series. Here’s hoping 2021 brings some interesting sets. The recently announced 2021 sets look promising. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful holiday season!!
  5. It looks like the Star Wars Nebulon-B Frigate (77904) was a midnight release on Lego Shop @ Home, Limit 3. (Originally this set was intended for SDCC 2020) https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/nebulon-b-frigate-77904
  6. Introduction Hello! In celebration of The Mandalorian Season 2 starting I am going to review set 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack. This set contains 102 pieces and features four minifigures, one speeder bike, and a defense fort/ambush point. Full disclosure; While being a big Star Wars fan, I don’t have too many SW sets in my Lego collection. Prior to getting the Mandalorian sets the Lego SW Microfighters Series 1 sets were the last Lego SW purchases of mine. Released in the US on 1/20/2020 the set retails for $14.99 USD and is rated for kids 6+ and any Adult with spouse/partner permission. At the time of this review the set is currently available from all major Lego retailers. Product description from Lego Box Front / Back Pictured is the front of the box. Unfortunately there is no Mandalorian branding on the packaging which bums me out a little. The back pictures do a good job of showing what the sets playability will give. Contents and the build The set comes in three bags. One of which is the mesh dot bags which reminds me of the sets I would get as a kid. I get nostalgic feelings when I open these mesh bags so I’m very interested to see if the new paper bags will deliver a similar feeling down the road. Opened bags = Let's get building! The figures do not have any face prints, which works because a Mandalorian shouldn’t be taking their helmet off. This is the way. Minifigures fully assembled and ready for some bounties. **Caution** The fins of the speeder bike fins are limited in movement and snap off if moved past a point. Speeder ready for battle! Construction of the Defense Point. Unfortunately the Defense point doesn’t do much for me. An alternate build using both the speeder and defense point parts would have been appreciated. Extra Pieces The visors are nice extra pieces, but I don’t think I’ll use them for these figures. Final Build The minifigures all have nice figure prints. All prints are unique except for the brown suit legs which does not have a print. (Stands not included in the set) Suggestions / Tweaks / Personal Opinions Weapons/ Accessories: I think a rifle or other long range weapon would have been nice to mix up the Bounty Hunter looks. While all four minifigs come with capes, a backpack/ rocket pack should have been included. Speeder: The addition of a couple trans-clear round 2 x 2 bricks would have been awesome to give the speeder a hovering look (think lego dimensions stands). Defense point: A weapons locker/ rack would have fit better in place of the defense point. Set Ratings Design: 7/10 Build: 7/10 Minifigures: 9/10 Playability: 6/10 Parts: 8/10 Price: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Overall Thoughts While this is a great army builder or display set I think some minor tweaks could have produced higher playability. Overall the set should appeal to a SW fan of any age and fit well in any collection.
  7. Target has the new Super Mario Toad's Special Hideaway, save with Red Card. https://www.target.com/p/lego-super-mario-toad-39-s-special-hideaway-limited-edition-77907/-/A-80676500#lnk=sametab
  8. 77906 - Wonder Woman is on sale at Walmart.com. https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-DC-Wonder-Woman-77906-Building-Toy-Model-Featuring-Wonder-Woman-Cheetah-and-Etta-Candy-255-Pieces/938776755