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  1. [Review] 2020 LEGO Star Wars, 75317, The Mandalorian and The Child Set: (The Following are rated on a scale from 1 to 10.) Building Experience: 10 Attention to Detail: 10 Set Rating Overall: 10 Difficulty: 5 Description: With The Holidays approaching fast, the season of thankfulness right on our tails, and then Christmas soon after. You might have begun to put a little thought about what you’ll be getting your loved ones (or yourself) this year. Whether you're looking for a good display piece that fits most budgets ($19.99 U.S Dollars) or simply a great build experience look no further than “The Mandalorian and The Child Lego Set”. Season 2 of the Mandalorian is well on its way and our Love for Mando and The Child can only grow from here onward. They have encountered terrifying beasts, treacherous trials, and yet have still continued strong. Set number 75317 comes with both the Mandalorian himself and the Child as “Brickheadz” figures. In addition, the set also comes with The Child’s Pod which The Child can be displayed in. The attention to detail in this set is outstanding, from Mando carrying his Pulse Rifle on his back to The Child being able to sit in his pod. LEGO has really outdone themselves here. In addition to all of the above, this set is very accessible in the U.S, and most major retail stores have it on their shelves. So what are you waiting for? The Galactic Empire has fallen and Lawlessness has begun to spread. Do you part for the galaxy by picking up your own Mandalorian and Child set for the holidays. “This is the Way”
  2. These are so cool! I especialy love the ones where you used the LEGO Cloud Looking piece. Truly Awesome!
  3. Congratulations Everyone! Truly Awesome Builds All Around and especially to the winner. 🙂
  4. 6. Millenium Falcon Escape by Carculio: 2 pts 8. International Jedi Space Station by KAUSHIK: 1 pt
  5. Made a Base for the U.S Hornet 7. Its flying over a dessert jungle area which is full of treasure and hidden loot.
  6. This is the U.S Hornet 07. It is a double cabin Vintage Aircraft known for its Speed and Aerobatic abilities while in the air. I built this with my father. He is a Great Man and Great Inspiration in my life. He is in the front driving the plane and I am his Co-Pilot.